Friday, 21 November 2014

the bicycle from generation to generation will continue to be environmentally friendly

Many things we use every day to go from place to place move on wheels , for example . the bus . the motor bike . the car and many others move on wheels , One of the things that move on wheels is the bicycle . bicycles are important for both young people and grown-ups . people use them for fun and for work all over the world.
the history of the bike is interesting. in 1818 . the bicycle had no pedals . the pedals were added in 1839 the pedals made them move faster than the old ones . more speed was possible by making the front wheel very large . but such bicycles were dangerous to ride .
BY 1900 , MOST of the bicycle parts that we know today were developed  . They include equal - sized wheels , brakes to stop the bike , a chain connecting the pedals to the rear wheels . and various speeds . bicycling is now an exciting sport and a means of transport . using the bike to go to school or work is  a clean an easy of moving around . Unlike other means of transport , the bike does not use petrol . this means that the bike keeps the enviroment from another good thing about the bike is that it does not need a big space to park . this is why in some big cities in the world . people can only ride bicycles

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