Friday, 14 November 2014

the goal of marketing

the goal of marketing is to create a product which satisfies the needs of the costumers. Marketers deal with many variables as they work to meet this goals. these variables  are called the "marketing mix". all of the variables of the marketing mix can be classified into four basic groups:product, place, promotion and price. these groups are also  known as the " four ps"
The first "P" , Product  is concerned  with developing a product that will meet the needs of the consumer. this group of variables includes decisions about the product s design,brand name and packaging. the product may be a commodity or a service . the second "P" place is concerned with getting the product to a place where the consumer can easily purchase it . A product is of little use if it is sold at a place where the consumer cannot get to it easily. A product reaches customers through a channel of distribution. the third " p" , promotion , involves telling consumers why they should buy a certain product . promotion can be done by personal selling or mass  selling  personal selling takes place when sellers communicate  directly with consumers , either in person or over the phone . mass selling involves the sellers communicating with large number of consumers at the same time . television commercials aer a major example of mass selling. the final "p" is price . decisions about price involve the sellers trying the figure out the price at which the most consumers will buy a particular product . sellers must consider the cost of producing the product , the cost of distributing the product and the cost of promoting the product.

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