Friday, 14 November 2014

The letter written in black ink

what appears to be the earliest surviving letter ever posted in londen has been unearthed byarchaeolgists near hardrians wall. written around AD 70 by a german bearng the extraordinary name of chrauttius, the letter is addressed to amember of the staff of the roman governor of britian. the letter written in black ink - on a 2mm silver of elder wood- was probably sent through the roman military postal is addressed to chrauttuiss brother , veldedeuis, one of the governors staff, who appears to have been stationed at the nortern british frontier fort of viodolanda , the ruins of which survive in northumberland.
roman military units were often dispersed at several locations, and it is possible that the two brothers were members of the same unit, one stationed in londen, the other in vindolanda. in the letter chrauttuis asks for news of theirparents and ticks veldeduis off for not having written to him.

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