Friday, 21 August 2015

dreams come true Is there an end to the technological development?

You don’t need to look back 20 years to realize the tremendous developments in science and technology , and how these advances are changing the lifestyles of people all over the world although the television and video were there in those days , no one had heard then of those wonderful remote – control  unita that turn the equipment on and off helping us to choose our entertainment with the least physical – effort .
There are many other effects of technology that our life more , comfortable , you no longer worry about washing the dishes ; your dishwashing machine can take care of that if you want a hot meal you just pop your favourite food into the microwave oven and it’s ready in minutes . if you need to send an urgent message , just write it down and send it through your fax machine and it arrives on the other side of the world in seconds . passenger planes fly non-stop to different parts of the world and their pilots can find time to relax as the computers do most of the hard work for them . this all leaves people more time to enjoy . themselves and it also explains remarkable current progress in the leisure industry .
Leisure today is big business just read the advertisements in your newspaper . you won’t belive the variety ; you ‘ll find something  fit all incomes and tastes . as robots take over the work of people in industry , as communications across the world become faster , and while technology continues to create ways of persuading us to work less and enjoy ourselves more, so the leisure industy will play a far more important role in the lives of us all .

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Sports, technology and daily life of human, from tv to etc...

Sports, technology and daily life of human
Entertainment Television tools from tablet to have made people lazy to Aimarsson Sports
As watching a television programme will not need more effort on the part of the viewer than pressing a button and doing some adjustments to the set , television viewing has become the most popular of entertainment . people who can see the best of the old and new films on the small screen, will not take the trouble of going to the cinema unless they prefer to spend an evening out of home for a change . unfortunately , however with some people , television , as a pastime , has taken the place of reading or practicing useful hobbies . it is said that , due to television , modern youths have limited general knowledge , for most of their spare time is taken by television watching

Television has become something indispensable in everyday life
But it has some positives and some negatives vary from one person to another depending on usage
Some people watching the television for news daily or to get Althel this Alxlmalomat useful or watching sports and betrayed difference shows there is someone watching to learn and another viewing only
We have to agree that technology has made a very high proportion of laziness among people
But there are some people who have a strong will help them to overcome such a laziness

now ask yourself some question

technology help people to become laziness?
1- what does a viewer need to do watch a television programme?
2 - why do most people not go to cinema nowadays?
3 - what in the writer's opinion , are the bad effects of television on youth?
4 - what are the passtime activities the writer mentions in the passage?

Friday, 22 May 2015


VIOLENT STORMS CAUSE DAMAGE AND DEATHS ALL OVER THE world, but some times people make the consequences worse . for example  , too many people living in dangerous areas can turn a storm into a disaster
when summer brings very hot weather , many people suffer more than they need to there are a number of ways to make life  more comfortable in the heat . first of all , you can try to keep your home as cool as possible . it is best to close all the windows and curtains during the hottest part of the day . then , when it is cooler in the evening 
, you can open them up again . it is important also to keep yourself cool by wearing loose light clothes. cotton is the best material for clothes in hot weather . and finally , you should try to stay calm and relaxed . you could even try a nap after lunch , like many people who live in hot climates . in this way you are more rested and ready to enjoy the cool evening hours

scientist believe that the earth's climate may be warming up.
this trend probably began thousands of years ago . many areas of the earth used to be covered with ice that has now melted .
however, in recent years , the warming trend has speeded up . scientist think that part of the reason for this may be carbon dioxide mixes with other gases . the pollution covers the warming may be the fact that the earth's system for using up carbon dioxide and keeping the air temperature cool.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Egypt as it should be

Egypt is a country with an area of about one million square kilometres. Most of the land is desert. The amount of rain each year is very small.
Only 3% of Egypt . the land watered by the river nile . can be used for farming. Over 90%of the Egyptians live and work in this small part of the country .
In the past, Egypt grew its own food , but now , it has to import more than half the wheat it needs to feed its people . in 1989, the population of egypt was already around 55 million. With 2 new babies born every minute and people living longer lives , the population is growing fast-one and a half million  new people every year. As half of all egyptians are under 20 years of age . the population will continue to grow

Recently an Egyptian newspaper. Wrote a report on what life would be like in the year 2010 if the population continues to grow as fast as it is doing now . in cairo people would have to live in tents and travelling from one. side of the city to another would take hours . with classes of 100 pupils . schools would have to be open all day to teach everybody

To prevent such problems, the government wants  people to have smaller families . on television it shows the ideal family : father, mother and two children the average family now has a bigger number of children. Families will have to get smaller if the report in that newspaper is not to come true.

Monday, 23 February 2015

where is egypt from cotton now ? from number one to zero !!!!!

Cotton has been one of Egypt’s major industries since the beginning of the nineteenth century . it is very succesful as an export. The reason for its value is the excellent quality of Egyptian cotton . it is very strong and the plants live longer than other varieties of cotton . it sometimes produces three or four crops a year.
However, the farmer’s job is not an easy one . the plants last a long time without being renewed, so they are easily attacked by insects and diseases . among these are insects, white fly and type of black fungus which covers the leaves. These can be controlled by pesticides
Recently , farmers have decided to try to solve their problems by using biological methods. This involves destroying the pests by using natural , rather than chemical means . for instance , if this crop is attacked by white fly a farmer may introduce into since most of the land in Egypt is desert , there is only a small area where cotton can be grown for this reason , farmers and scientists are constantly trying to improve farming methods so that they can produce as high yields as possible. The cotton must also be picked quickly when it is ready so that another crop can be planted immediately .
Much  Egyptian cotton is sold before the crop is planted ! in 1989 the Japanese bought all of the “giza 45”variety before the season had begun. It proved to be one of the best types of Egyptian cotton.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Tuk Tuk function for those who do not post it

A tuk-tuk  is a type of taxi with three wheels . the driver sits at the front .and behind him is a seat for three passengers. Sometimes four passengers can fit into the tuk-tuk , but it is very uncomfortable ! they are called tuk-tuk  because of the funny sound of their small engines. There are thousands of tuk - tuk in Bangkok , Thailand.
One tuk-tuk driver is pom sanniwat . pom is fifty – two years old, and has been driving his tuk –tuk  for almost twenty-five years . like many tuk – tuk drivers pom comes from the north of Thailand. Pom’s village was very poor . there was no work on the farms, so pom came to bangkok . HE decided to become a tuk –tuk driver because it looked like fun.
Pom likes being a tuk-tuk driver because he can speak to many people everyday .He can also earn over 400$ a month . Almost any one can become atuk - tuk driver. Tuk-tuks are very easy to drive . but driving a tuk-tuk has its disadvantages, too. When pomm started  driving his tuk-tuk , he often got lost! Pom also has  along day. He works from six o’clock at night . there are many cars and buses in Bangkok , so there is a lot of pollution . the pollution is bad for pom’s health.