Sunday, 25 January 2015

Tuk Tuk function for those who do not post it

A tuk-tuk  is a type of taxi with three wheels . the driver sits at the front .and behind him is a seat for three passengers. Sometimes four passengers can fit into the tuk-tuk , but it is very uncomfortable ! they are called tuk-tuk  because of the funny sound of their small engines. There are thousands of tuk - tuk in Bangkok , Thailand.
One tuk-tuk driver is pom sanniwat . pom is fifty – two years old, and has been driving his tuk –tuk  for almost twenty-five years . like many tuk – tuk drivers pom comes from the north of Thailand. Pom’s village was very poor . there was no work on the farms, so pom came to bangkok . HE decided to become a tuk –tuk driver because it looked like fun.
Pom likes being a tuk-tuk driver because he can speak to many people everyday .He can also earn over 400$ a month . Almost any one can become atuk - tuk driver. Tuk-tuks are very easy to drive . but driving a tuk-tuk has its disadvantages, too. When pomm started  driving his tuk-tuk , he often got lost! Pom also has  along day. He works from six o’clock at night . there are many cars and buses in Bangkok , so there is a lot of pollution . the pollution is bad for pom’s health.