Monday, 23 February 2015

where is egypt from cotton now ? from number one to zero !!!!!

Cotton has been one of Egypt’s major industries since the beginning of the nineteenth century . it is very succesful as an export. The reason for its value is the excellent quality of Egyptian cotton . it is very strong and the plants live longer than other varieties of cotton . it sometimes produces three or four crops a year.
However, the farmer’s job is not an easy one . the plants last a long time without being renewed, so they are easily attacked by insects and diseases . among these are insects, white fly and type of black fungus which covers the leaves. These can be controlled by pesticides
Recently , farmers have decided to try to solve their problems by using biological methods. This involves destroying the pests by using natural , rather than chemical means . for instance , if this crop is attacked by white fly a farmer may introduce into since most of the land in Egypt is desert , there is only a small area where cotton can be grown for this reason , farmers and scientists are constantly trying to improve farming methods so that they can produce as high yields as possible. The cotton must also be picked quickly when it is ready so that another crop can be planted immediately .
Much  Egyptian cotton is sold before the crop is planted ! in 1989 the Japanese bought all of the “giza 45”variety before the season had begun. It proved to be one of the best types of Egyptian cotton.