Saturday, 4 April 2015

Egypt as it should be

Egypt is a country with an area of about one million square kilometres. Most of the land is desert. The amount of rain each year is very small.
Only 3% of Egypt . the land watered by the river nile . can be used for farming. Over 90%of the Egyptians live and work in this small part of the country .
In the past, Egypt grew its own food , but now , it has to import more than half the wheat it needs to feed its people . in 1989, the population of egypt was already around 55 million. With 2 new babies born every minute and people living longer lives , the population is growing fast-one and a half million  new people every year. As half of all egyptians are under 20 years of age . the population will continue to grow

Recently an Egyptian newspaper. Wrote a report on what life would be like in the year 2010 if the population continues to grow as fast as it is doing now . in cairo people would have to live in tents and travelling from one. side of the city to another would take hours . with classes of 100 pupils . schools would have to be open all day to teach everybody

To prevent such problems, the government wants  people to have smaller families . on television it shows the ideal family : father, mother and two children the average family now has a bigger number of children. Families will have to get smaller if the report in that newspaper is not to come true.