Friday, 22 May 2015


VIOLENT STORMS CAUSE DAMAGE AND DEATHS ALL OVER THE world, but some times people make the consequences worse . for example  , too many people living in dangerous areas can turn a storm into a disaster
when summer brings very hot weather , many people suffer more than they need to there are a number of ways to make life  more comfortable in the heat . first of all , you can try to keep your home as cool as possible . it is best to close all the windows and curtains during the hottest part of the day . then , when it is cooler in the evening 
, you can open them up again . it is important also to keep yourself cool by wearing loose light clothes. cotton is the best material for clothes in hot weather . and finally , you should try to stay calm and relaxed . you could even try a nap after lunch , like many people who live in hot climates . in this way you are more rested and ready to enjoy the cool evening hours

scientist believe that the earth's climate may be warming up.
this trend probably began thousands of years ago . many areas of the earth used to be covered with ice that has now melted .
however, in recent years , the warming trend has speeded up . scientist think that part of the reason for this may be carbon dioxide mixes with other gases . the pollution covers the warming may be the fact that the earth's system for using up carbon dioxide and keeping the air temperature cool.