Thursday, 11 June 2015

Sports, technology and daily life of human, from tv to etc...

Sports, technology and daily life of human
Entertainment Television tools from tablet to have made people lazy to Aimarsson Sports
As watching a television programme will not need more effort on the part of the viewer than pressing a button and doing some adjustments to the set , television viewing has become the most popular of entertainment . people who can see the best of the old and new films on the small screen, will not take the trouble of going to the cinema unless they prefer to spend an evening out of home for a change . unfortunately , however with some people , television , as a pastime , has taken the place of reading or practicing useful hobbies . it is said that , due to television , modern youths have limited general knowledge , for most of their spare time is taken by television watching

Television has become something indispensable in everyday life
But it has some positives and some negatives vary from one person to another depending on usage
Some people watching the television for news daily or to get Althel this Alxlmalomat useful or watching sports and betrayed difference shows there is someone watching to learn and another viewing only
We have to agree that technology has made a very high proportion of laziness among people
But there are some people who have a strong will help them to overcome such a laziness

now ask yourself some question

technology help people to become laziness?
1- what does a viewer need to do watch a television programme?
2 - why do most people not go to cinema nowadays?
3 - what in the writer's opinion , are the bad effects of television on youth?
4 - what are the passtime activities the writer mentions in the passage?