Friday, 21 August 2015

dreams come true Is there an end to the technological development?

You don’t need to look back 20 years to realize the tremendous developments in science and technology , and how these advances are changing the lifestyles of people all over the world although the television and video were there in those days , no one had heard then of those wonderful remote – control  unita that turn the equipment on and off helping us to choose our entertainment with the least physical – effort .
There are many other effects of technology that our life more , comfortable , you no longer worry about washing the dishes ; your dishwashing machine can take care of that if you want a hot meal you just pop your favourite food into the microwave oven and it’s ready in minutes . if you need to send an urgent message , just write it down and send it through your fax machine and it arrives on the other side of the world in seconds . passenger planes fly non-stop to different parts of the world and their pilots can find time to relax as the computers do most of the hard work for them . this all leaves people more time to enjoy . themselves and it also explains remarkable current progress in the leisure industry .
Leisure today is big business just read the advertisements in your newspaper . you won’t belive the variety ; you ‘ll find something  fit all incomes and tastes . as robots take over the work of people in industry , as communications across the world become faster , and while technology continues to create ways of persuading us to work less and enjoy ourselves more, so the leisure industy will play a far more important role in the lives of us all .